Service Times: Wed 7PM Sun 10AM/6PM

New Direction

We have been praying for a new job and a new direction for Kitty. Today an opportunity seems to have become available. Please pray that every little detail is worked out so she can step through this open door.

Rise Up And Walk

Please agree with us for the healing power of God to touch Sherry and Millie. They are having trouble walking. God let strength return to their legs and every abnormality be gone completely in the Name of Jesus we pray!

New Job

Let’s agree together for a new job in a new direction for Kitty. We know God has the perfect plan for her. Thank you Father for an exciting new job!


Lorraine is in need of healing in her body due to a car accident. Lord please touch every part of her body and restore her health. We praise God that nothing is broken and that He kept her in this attack.