Service Times: Wed 7PM Sun 10AM/6PM

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!

This month has been a month full of the blessings of God!  

Joanna had a two year old debt cancelled!  Rebecca received $1,000.00 directly deposited to her bank account from an unknown source!  Norma found an annuity that she didn't even know existed.  A guest to the ministry received a word from the Lord during service about a promotion and within the next week he was promoted to Principal of a local school.  A member also received a word from God about promotion and he laughed but within a week he also received his new position of Manager!  God's promises are true!  Praise the Lord!

Successful Surgery

Lorna has undergone surgery and is now recovering!  Doctor's said everything went perfectly and they were able to get all of the cancer.  Praise God!  Please continue to pray for her strength to return to her speedily.

Audra also received the best report following her surgery.  Doctor's told her that things went better than even expected.  She is also on the mend and we thank God for Doctor's and we Praise The Lord for  He Is Our Healer! 

We Are Rejoicing!

Norma received financial breakthrough!  She said it was an absolute miracle and she knew there was no other way for this breakthrough to have happened without the hand of God!  Praise The Lord for His mercy endures forever!