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Baby Grayson

We thank God that baby Grayson had a successful surgery today to remove scar tissue which will help him breathe on his own.  Please continue to pray for total health and speedy recovery.

Finally Found A Home

She had been looking for two months and had to move by June 30.  After receiving a prayer cloth and a prayer of agreement for a home, her prayer was answered within hours.  We are praising God for His provision.

Miracles Do Happen

On Pentecost Sunday, we were blessed to baptize 31 people!!  How wonderful!  It was wonderful for all who were there and all who symbolically died to themselves and rise to a life with Jesus.  In addition to this wonder, one of our young boys who is autistic and has a total vocabulary of 5 words said, "water" over and over again.  One more word!!!  We are thanking God for his wonder working power.