Service Times: Wed 7PM Sun 10AM/6PM

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Fusion Youth is for teenagers, grades 9-12. Our mission is to create a warm, safe and welcoming environment. Where they can learn, grow, and develop a lifetime relationship with God. We want everyone to have a personal encounter with Jesus. Fusion is a perfect where you can develop new friendships.

Our youth group operates a concession cart, (Fusion Cart) to sell snacks and treats after or Sunday A.M. and Wednesday night services. Proceeds from this activity will benefit;

The Breakthrough Women’s Clinic of Columbus. This non-profit organization educates and cares for the well-being of women who are expecting. The clinic provides free ultrasounds. A service that prevents 90% of women who walk in considering abortion to then have a change of heart.

Part of what we raise will also go towards resurrection seed during Easter Sunday. Resurrection seed is giving back to God for giving us his most valuable gift, Jesus. He gave us His best and on this day we choose to give our best.