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Genesis 2:22

"The Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man."
Why Do We Miss So Much Time With God?  8/15/2018
Why do we so easily stay home from church?  Jesus asked the question, "Are you tired?"  That is what we most often say when we miss church or miss our prayer time.  Yet, He clearly says that He is the answer to tired, worn out and burned out.  Just take a minute and read it from the message Bible.

Matthew 11:28-30 “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

I would then ask you the question, "Did you draw close to the Lord when you decided to stay home?"  Most of us would agree, probably not.  The world would tell us to sit in the big easy chair and binge watch our favorite show.  I would guess that won't do it for you.  You may even end up more exhausted because you stay up so late in your quest to chill.  Don't feel like you're alone, we all do it.  

The more we know the word of God, the better our lives will be.  He has all of the answers written down  for us and we have free access any time we want.  Church services are a designated time where you can be with Jesus and learn of His ways.  This time is not  burdensome if our intent is correct.  Everyone always says, "I am so glad I pushed myself to come to church, I feel so much better", when they make the effort to spend time with God.

In addition, let me add that slipping away in your back yard can be another time of quiet.  Not in your busy home but in the cool of the morning or evening, just you and God.  Genesis 24:63 says, Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the evening time:  You may not have a field but you probably have a back yard.  The point is to learn God's word and have a relationship with Him.  We will never think that time with Jesus was wasted time nor will we be ever be sorry we used our time for Him.


Jesus is a Divider 6/20/2018
The title today seems shocking but don't think it's strange.  It is mentioned over and over again in the word of God.  Just read Luke 12:51 Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.  Verse 53 says Father will be divided against Son and Son against Father...
There is no middle ground in our service to God.  We are either for Him or we are against Him.  Choose you this day who you are going to serve.  
Over our years in ministry there have been so many times of devastation in families over this very thing.  However, in our devastation we never think that Jesus told us this would happen because of Him.  Be encouraged today even in these harsh words.  Jesus also said he would give us the desires of our hearts.  
It is our desire to see all of our family and friends saved.  Don't give up or continue to wonder why these things are happening to you.  It is better now to endure and fight for our families and friends because the day is coming when Jesus, our judge, will say to us one is separated and told to go to the right and another one is told to go to the left.  He will separate the sheep from the goats and in that time there will no longer be time for praying.  HE IS A DIVIDER.
Luke 2:34 speaks of Simeon's prediction of Jesus to Mary, Jesus was destined for the falling and the rising of many in Israel and to be a sign that will be opposed...
Enough Said!
My Spiritual Mom  2/1/2018
You just need one person!  That one person can change your life forever.  Mrs. Ellen Parsley or Mrs. P was mine and Pastor's ONE.  
This past week this amazing woman went home to heaven and I will miss her until I see her again!  So determined to live her life for God, so devout in her service to others, so loved by me.
I celebrate her! This was God's instruction to me when I tried to figure out a way for her to stay here.  It's God who knows the number of each of our days and not anyone else.  He also dropped a little song in my mind called "Celebrate Me Home".  So, every day since she left I have tried to do this.  The word of God tells us to do this...  but what a task it is!  My sweet brother said "It's not hard to celebrate someone who was so cool to you".   In my awe of my Mrs. P, I never knew her to be "cool" but you know, she was! 
We traveled together, decorated her home together, prayed together, had spa days together and the list goes on and on.  She was my friend.  She changed me in so many ways.  I feel like she is watching every move I make now and as always, I want her to be proud.
So I will celebrate you and I will live my life in ways that you would have been proud of.  I miss you so much and I will continue to follow you as I have for twenty five years but the next time we are together it will be in the presence of Jesus.  How COOL is that?
Happy 2018  01/22/18
What an amazing time we live in.  We know that seasons change and we are ready for our new beginning!  Or are we?  Take a minute to think about the responsiblility of a new beginning.  It has been weighty to me, this new beginning.  I do not want to waste a day of it.  
We just wrote down our visions for this new year and sealed them in envelopes which will be mailed back to each of us at the end of 2018.  This was serious for me.  Usually, I know right away what I am trusting the Lord for but not this year...  I am still preparing myself for what's next and I hope you are too!  
Separate yourself now from anything the Lord would not be happy with.  Let's not let this season change come upon us and maybe even pass us by.  The more prepared we are for this season the more likely it will be all we hope for!
Get on Board!  12/6/2017
There is room for you in my Father's house.  That's what he tells us in John 14:2-3.  He is preparing a room for us.  He is getting it ready so that one day we will be with him forever.  
During this Christmas Season let's take a look at why God even sent a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes to a manger here on earth.  
Our children are preparing a production called "Get On Board".  It's  caused me to consider what that means.  We teach our children about the birth of Jesus at Christmas time but we cannot leave out the most important thing.  It was so we would one day live with him forever.  Without a baby there is separation forever!  His amazing plan is for us to be his family.  He asks us to call him Father.  He wants us to be where he is!
Please take time this Christmas to pray for those you love.  That one day, where we are they can be also.  This is just our dressing room for what's next.  Let's take as many as will go with us!  Our cry should be "Get On Board!" there is a train that's coming, it's coming around the track!
Positively Positive  10/6/2017

Positively Positive!  That's me 95 percent of the time.  What about the 5 percent like tonight when I can't sleep and I am concerned about how I can truly make a difference in the world.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Then all at once this pops into my head...

I love my multicultural church and I think we make a strong statement to those who venture in.  Sunday is not segregated at OASISLIFE, we are a mixed bouquet of beautiful flowers to quote our Pastor!  Some are big and beautiful and wide open and others are small little buds but in worship we are a sweet savor to the Lord.  Where all races can worship together, especially now in our society is a Beautiful thing.  Yet, it's always been this way at The Oasis. God continue to help us  pray down anything that tries to separate and divide!

Sometimes we are already making a positive contribution to our families, our communities and our world, yet we don't realize it.   Sometimes when we walk out of darkness into light we have to focus and let our gaze adjust to what's in front of us in order to clearly see it.  The enemy of God will try to keep us surrounded by darkness.  He will speak lies to try to convince us of failure yet God says we are victorious and More than conquerors!

What are you already doing that says you are a fierce disciple of God?  If your footsteps are truly ordered by the Lord and we know they are, than I encourage you to look around.  Focus your gaze, let your eyes adjust to the light and you will see the love of Jesus around you.  You will see him in the things you have already accomplished.

He has begun a good work in you, so work you will until he comes!  I hope you are encouraged today to press forward.

Hurricane Harvey 8/30/2017

We now have the opportunity to help others due to the terrible flooding of Hurricane Harvey.  Let's be thankful we have something we can give.  Every gift big or small will help to relieve the trauma and loss that is being currently suffered by so many.

Please sow your money and your prayers into the lives of our neighbors in Texas.  God is carrying them and he will use us to help.  We thank God for those who are there and are physically helping.  We pray for every worker, may God's angels watch over every responder to this disaster.  We pray for every person who has been displaced.  God, please bring them to a safe place and meet all of there needs, physical and spiritual.  We pray for every child who is afraid.

Lord we know you will continue in the weeks and months ahead to use each one of us to help to make a difference in their lives.  Thank you Jesus for leading us and showing us how to show your love to others.  

We will be receiving special offerings for the victims in our Services this Wednesday and again on Sunday.  Please help.  


Self Absorbed 8/18/2017

Can I just say how self absorbed can we be?  What happened to trying to be a help to others?  What happened to thinking we could make a difference in the life of another human being?  All I seem to hear is "I want" and "I'm so stressed out because I don't have...".  Well, I still believe we can be better than that.  Maybe there are a few of you out there that think like me.  If you're there I encourage you to try to help others and to listen for the voice of God.  Timothy urges us to the following:

1 Timothy 2:1 ESV First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people.  

I hope you can see the needs all over the world.  I hope you can see beyond your new job or your new home.  We have just experienced the terrible hate in Charlottesville and Barcelona.  Starvation and  flooding and lives lost so senselessly seem to surround us daily.  We live in a world gone crazy.

How about love and prayer for others?  Let's look for ways to help others.  Let's start with the words of our mouths.  I hope God leads us to the need of another.  When we focus on something or someone else, other than constantly looking at our own problems we find blessings.  Maybe a new lifelong relationship will develop that will add joy and fulfillment to our lives.  Maybe we will help a Mom in Kenya be able to feed and clothe her children.  There are no limits to what we can do, as I have said before, with Jesus as our Guide.  

Let's make a difference in this world.  Let's leave it better because we were here.  Let's not just be consumers of stuff that we heap upon ourselves.  Let's love all of the hate away or at least be able to say we tried.

Hebrews 4:16 ESV Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Welcome 8/1/2017
The Lord "fashioned the woman" from the rib of the man.  Ladies when we were God created  he used what he wanted, like it or not.  We had nothing to say about it.  We had nothing to say about the color of our eyes or the time that we would be born into this world, not even who we would be born to.  However,  now that we are here there is much to do and say about who we are.  
This page is written to talk about just those kinds of things from my perspective and how God connects his word to my life.  Left to myself it's normally a mess but with Jesus as my Guide this journey is amazing.
I just heard ladies on a very popular talk show discussing their "Bucket Lists" and as they spoke I was able to say, "I've already done that!".  One said, "I want to be baptized in the Jordan River",   Another said, "I want to mentor young girls".   There passion and desire for what I had already been a part of  made me think about  the amzaing things I have done with Jesus as my guide.  
My hope is that you will find strength, encouragement, and laughter in this page as it evolves, but most importantly I hope God touches your heart and that you will serve Him as he lights your path with His plan!